The Drug War Philosopher

essays against the bloody Drug War

which is anti-patient, anti-minority, anti-scientific, anti-mother nature, imperialistic, the establishment of the Christian Science religion, a violation of the natural law upon which America was founded, and a childish and counterproductive way of looking at the world, one which causes all of the problems that it purports to solve, and then some.

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The Drug War as a Litmus Test for Philosophical Wisdom

Attention American Screenwriters: please stop spreading Drug War propaganda

Saying Yes to Drugs

How Ecstasy could end mass shootings

How the Monticello Foundation betrayed Jefferson's Legacy in 1987

Mycologists as DEA Collaborators

Silence equals Death in America's Drug War

Have you been brainwashed by the drug war?

Critique of the Philosophy of Happiness

Elderly Victims of Drug War Ideology

Put the DEA on Trial

The Church of the Most Holy and Righteous Drug War

Hypocritical America Embraces Drug War Fascism

Open Letter to Congressman Ben Cline, asking him to abolish the criminal DEA

Open Letter to Francis Fukuyama

Jefferson Bashing on

Defund the DEA

Grandmaster Flash: Drug War Collaborator

Drug War Ideology:the modern superstition

Ten Reasons why the Drug War is Nonsense

Open Letter to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime

Why the Holocaust Museum must denounce the Drug War

Open Letter to Variety Critic Owen Glieberman

Connecticut Drug Warriors want to charge drug dealers with murder

Drug Warriors can go to Hell

Open Letter to Lisa Ling

Why CBS 19 should stop supporting the Drug War

Twelve Reasons why the DEA should be abolished

Why DARE should stop telling kids to say no

Open letter to Kenneth Sewell

Se Llama Mushrooms

Smart Uses for Opium and Coca

Marci Hamilton Equates Drug Use with Child Abuse

Addicted to Addiction

Forbes Magazine's Laughable Article about Nitrous Oxide

Time to ACT UP about the racist drug war

Virus Update

Running with the DEA -- er, I mean the Devil

Running with the torture loving DEA

Common Nonsense from Common Sense Media

How Variety and its film critics support drug war fascism

Torture 101 at DEA University

John Locke on Drugs

Open Letter to the Virginia Legislature

The DEA: Poisoning Americans since 1973

There are no such things as drugs

In Response to Laurence Vance

America's Obsession with Fascist Drug War Movies

Another Academic Toes the Drug Warrior Line

Drug War Quotes in TV and Movies

Man, you should have seen them kicking Edgar Allan Poe

The real reason for depression in America

In praise of doctor hopping

The Philosophical Idiocy of the Drug War

What We Mean When We Say 'Drugs'

Cop shows as drug war propaganda

Don't Worry, Be Satisfied

Open Letter to Nathan at

America's biggest drug pusher: The American Psychiatric Association:

How the Drug War killed Leah Betts

The Drug War as Religion

Time to Replace Psychiatrists with Shamans

A Goliath that even David is afraid of

Addicted to Ignorance

President Calls for Executing Drug Dealers

Why the Drug War is a Godsend for Conservatives

Electroshock Therapy and the Drug War

In Praise of Doctor Feelgood

Speaking Truth to Academia

Bamboozled Botanists fall for drug war propaganda

Let's burn some plants!


The Racist Drug War killed George Floyd

Toddler Abuse in Drug War America

Blowing Up Arkansas

How the Drug War Killed Amy Winehouse

Nature's Most Wanted

Open Letter to Anthony Gottlieb

The Myth of the Addictive Personality

Open Letter to Addiction Specialist Gabriel Maté updated

Cradle to Grave with Drug War Propaganda

How the Drug War Blinds us to Godsend Medicine

Materialism and the Drug War

El Chapo Crappo

Karolina Zieba just doesn't get it

What Liberals ALWAYS get wrong about the drug war

Why Americans Can't Handle the Truth about Drugs updated

America's Imperialist Christian Science War on Drugs

MDMA for Psychotherapy

Open letter to Professor Troy Glover at Waterloo University

Why Louis Theroux is Clueless about Addiction and Alcoholism

Americans have the right to pursue happiness but not to attain it

The Dark Side of the Monticello Foundation

The Therapeutic Value of Anticipation

Heroin versus Alcohol updated

How the Drug War is a War on Creativity

Puritanical Assumptions about Drug Use in the Entertainment Field

The REAL Lesson of the Opium Wars

Christian Science Rehab

The Drug War Board Game

Fifty Years of Bogus Articles about Creativity

The Philosophy of Drug Use

How The Drug War Killed Andy Gibb

'Intoxiphobia' by Russell Newcombe

The Ketamine Mirage

Using Opium to Fight Depression

Not Using is Always Safer?

Self-help nonsense in the age of the Drug War

Drugs: the great American scapegoat

Pissed off about Drug Testing

How Logic-Challenged Journalists Support the Drug War

COPS: TV Show for Racist Drug Warriors

All these Sons

Dragnet meets the Drug War

How the Drug War turned me into an eternal patient

Eight Reasons to End Drug Testing

What if Arthur Schopenhauer Had Used DMT?

Drug War News

America's Puritan Obsession with Sobriety

The Joy of Drug Testing

The Drug War is a War on Patients

Why Hollywood Owes Richard Nixon an Oscar

Glenn Close but no cigar

Open Letter to Gabrielle Glaser

There is no such thing as DRUGS

Snoop Pearson's Muddle-Headed Take on Drugs

Why the Drug War is Worse than a Religion

In the Realm of Hungry Drug Warriors

Comedian Adderall Zoloft Riffs on the Drug War

Drug War Copaganda

Colorado plane crash caused by milk!

Screw You, Francis Burton Harrison

In Praise of Thomas Szasz

Why American Drug Policy is Insane

The Drug War and Electroshock Therapy

Mad, and Proud of It

The Drug War = Christian Science

How Americans Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Drug War

The Philosophy of Getting High

Too White to Use Mushrooms

This is your brain on Effexor

This is your brain on Drug War propaganda

This is your brain on Neuralink

There's nothing complicated about it -- legalize Mother Nature's plants now!

Seven Ways that Liberals are Confused by the Drug War

The Mental Health Survey that psychiatrists don't want you to take

Drug Laws as the Punishment of 'Pre-Crime'

The Politically Incorrect Cure for the Common Cold

Just Say Yes to Mother Nature's Pharmacy

Review of When Plants Dream

A Drug Warrior in our Midst

How Drug Warriors Steal American Elections

Harold & Kumar Support the Drug War

Plants Divine, All Plants Excelling

In Praise of Augustus Bedloe

Euthanasia in the Age of the Drug War

Tweet to Alex Adams

Lock 'em up! Lock 'em up!

Speaking Truth to Big Pharma

DEA Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity

Depressed? Here's why.

Campfire Stories about America's Drug War

There is a Specter Haunting Science

Urine Testers Needed

Tune In, Turn On, Opt Out

Just Say No to Surveillance Capitalism

Rationality Uber Alles

Is Rick Doblin Running with the Devil?

Letter to Lamar Alexander

American Sharia

Self-Censorship in the Age of the Drug War

How the DEA determines if a religion is true

Calling All Philosophers

The American Stasi

Clueless Philosophers

Drug Warriors Fiddle while Rome Gets Nuked

Surprise Drug Test!

Alternative Medicine as a Drug War Creation

The Totally Unspoken Truth About Drugs

The Educational Use of Psychoactive Plants

The DEA's War on Alzheimer's Research

How the Drug War Punishes the Elderly

The Drug War as a Make-Work Program for Law Enforcement

In Praise of Drug Dealers

The Depressing Truth About SSRIs

The War on Plants

How to Unite Drug War Opponents of all Ethnicities

How Fretting Drug Warriors Block Medical Progress

America's Great Anti-Depressant Scam

America's Blind Spot

America's Invisible Addiction Crisis

Without Philosophy, Science becomes Scientism

Unscientific American

The Whistle Blower who NOBODY wants to hear

Sending Out an SOS

Six Reasons Why Americans Are Bamboozled by the Drug War

End the Drug War Now

Drug Warrior Lies on the Internet Movie Database

Replacing Psychiatry with Pharmacologically Savvy Shamanism

So, Your Faith Votes?

How the drug war promotes drug abuse

'Good Chemistry' is a good Covid read

Why the Drug Waris Christian Science Sharia

10 Idiots who helped spread drug war propaganda on Listverse

There is no drug problem

The Worst thing about the Drug War

The Drug War Virus at the Institute of Art and Ideas

Five Ways that the drug war causes the problems that it claims to solve

The Drugs Reddit just doesn't get it

Marijuana Critics Just Don't Get It

How Cocaine could have helped me

What Obama got wrong about drugs

Open Letter to Erowid

Why America is Hung Up on Drugs

Dirty Minded Drug Warriors

Psst! You have been bamboozled by America's Drug War



What You Can Do

The word 'drugs' is a political term

I asked 100 American philosophers what they thought about the Drug War

How the Atlantic Supports the Drug War

America's Anti-scientific Standards for Psychotherapeutic Medicine

Taking the Drug War for Granted

Enough Drug War Propaganda Movies Already

How Psychiatry and the Drug War turned me into an eternal patient

Why the Drug War is far worse than a failure

Vice and The 'One Strike You're Out' Fallacy

Why Drug Free Zones are Dangerous and Unconstitutional

Join Philosophers Against the Drug War

Scientism and America's Drug War hypocrisy

Predictive Policing in the Age of the Drug War

How the Drug War gave the 2016 election to Donald Trump

Why the Drugs Reddit should not exist

The Drug War Cure for Covid

Reddit: the Home Page for Grade-Schoolers

How the Drug War Makes Americans Stupid

Open Letter to Julian Buchanan

Troy Ange and Zane Kaleem Get It (almost)

Libertarians as Closet Christian Scientists

Listening to the Drug War

Nietzsche and the Drug War

America's Juvenile Attitude Toward Drugs

Capitalism and the Drug War

How the Drug War Banned my Religion

The Christian Science SWAT Teams of the Drug War

Penn State Patsies for the Drug War

Childish Drug Warriors

The Drug War as a Greek Tragedy

Black Lives Don't Matter

The problem with Modern Drug Reform Efforts

Top 10 Problems with the Drug War

Governor Youngkin, Child Killer

The Menace of the Drug War