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Cannabis Causes Birth Defects?

Hold on a minute

Big Pharma hires drug warrior researchers to dig up dirt on plant medicines
The following comment was posted in response to the Reddit Post entitled Cannabis use in pregnancy: Researchers discover that continued use of cannabis at 15 weeks of pregnancy was associated with significantly lower birthweight, head circumference, birth length, and gestational age at birth, as well as with more frequent severe neonatal morbidity or death

The problem with these findings is that Drug War America cannot be trusted to provide unbiased facts about psychoactive substances. The DEA ignored reams of positive evidence about MDMA when it criminalized it in 1985 as a therapy for PTSD in soldiers. Instead they relied on the research of one dissenting scientist who made a specialty out of providing the sorts of negative results that the DEA wanted to hear, even when no one else could duplicate those negative results. Meanwhile, drug war propagandists have lied for decades about Mother Nature's plant medicines, telling us that they "fry the brain," when the exact opposite is the case. Sigmund Freud used cocaine to sharpen his mind. Benjamin Franklin used opium to increase his creativity. Francis Crick used psychedelics to "think outside the box," a strategy that led him to the discovery of the DNA helix. One scientist falsely claimed a half century ago that LSD caused genetic defects, and that one lie has hung on in the popular imagination to this present day, despite having been conclusively discredited decades ago.

Meanwhile, drug war America gives antidepressants a free pass to cause as many problems as they can: sexual dysfunction, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, emotional flat-lining, weight gain. When SSRIs cause such problems, no one's outraged: instead we see a proliferation of new prescription "adjuncts" come into the market: pills that claim to alleviate these negative symptoms so that "you can keep taking your important meds." If marijuana caused all these problems, drug warriors would have a field day on Reddit deriding the substance, but when the same problems are caused by a Fortune 500 profit maker, we are all too hypnotized by the full-court press of Big Pharma propaganda to speak up. We may at first be leery, but not to worry: Big Pharma has suborned many talking heads in the psychiatric industry to come on shows like Oprah and remind us of our duty to "keep taking our meds." Oh, and did I mention that 1 in 4 American women are addicted to those anti-depressants (source: Julie Holland): but not to worry, right? Big Pharma antidepressants are medicine, after all, not "drugs."

In a drug warrior society such as ours, a rational person has to be leery of any reports claiming that psychoactive plant medicines cause problems, not just because Americans have freely lied about such plants in the past, but because psychoactive plant medicines pose a threat to the major drug-war stakeholders (Big Pharma, Psychiatry, Big Liquor, Law Enforcement, the Corrections Industry, etc.). The lucrative business model of these stakeholders is put in jeopardy when Americans are given free access to Mother Nature, so such industries will be quick to highlight any study that casts doubt on plant efficacy. Meanwhile, we have to wonder how many similarly negative scientific studies about SSRIs and SNRIs have been quashed, downplayed, or not even undertaken thanks to Big Pharma pressure on drug researchers to "stick with the script," according to which pharmaceuticals are blessed medicines while psychoactive plants are cursed drugs.

Even if the study findings are true, a drug-war society is sure to draw the wrong conclusions from them, taking them as yet another reason to do what drug warriors do best: demonize marijuana and psychoactive plant medicines in general. But this would be hypocritical, to put it mildly, since even Big Pharma antidepressants are contraindicated during pregnancy. In fact, aspirin itself comes with the same warning, yet no one's demonizing that drug and suggesting that it should be criminalized.

This illustrates the whole problem with the drug war: it has "cried wolf" so often in its attempts to slander plant medicines that studies like this, if true, are likely to be ignored. Americans have heard so many lies before, both from drug warriors and their paid proxies, that the question naturally arises: why should we trust them now to be giving us the full and unvarnished truth?

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