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Euthanasia in the Age of the Drug War

by Ballard Quass

doctors can now kill patients but they can't make them feel better

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If you want proof that the Drug War is insane, think about the increasing popularity of euthanasia in the west, which is already the law of the land in Holland. Think about what euthanasia means in a country that has banned plant medicines.

It means that I can ask my doctor to give me plant medicines that will make me happy and he will indignantly say "no." But if I ask that same doctor for a drug that will kill me, he will say, "Your wish is my command."

What more proof do we need that the Drug War is a nature-hating sadomasochistic incarnation of Christian Science? It is the triumph of extreme puritanism that says that death itself is preferable to feeling good with the help of Mother Nature's psychoactive plants.

Would a sane society allow doctors to kill their patients BEFORE first giving those doctors free rein to prescribe the naturally occurring medicines of their choice, many of which have been proven to help the elderly (and the rest of us, for that matter) make their peace both with life and death?

Only a society that had a pathological distrust of Mother Nature's pharmacy could take such a heartless stance and then seek to enforce it by draconian laws.

Doctor to depressed elderly patient: "The bad news is, we can't give you psilocybin for your depression. The good news is, we can kill you if the depression gets too bad."

The War on Drugs is the establishment of a religion: namely, the religion of Christian Science, whose founder, Mary Baker Eddy, believed that we did not need "drugs" to cure what ailed us. Of course, Eddy claimed that we did not need "drugs" even for physical ailments, but the government version of her religion has modified her faith so that it prohibits only "drugs" that improve the mind, and even then the prohibition extends only to mother nature's psychoactive meds, whereas Big Pharma psychoactive pills are free to addict the public at will (hence the suppressed fact that 1 in 4 American women are addicted to Big Pharma meds, many of which are harder to kick than heroin). But the hypocritical drug war is still a religion, a religion which takes it on faith (in the teeth of millennia of proof to the contrary) that mother nature's psychoactive plants are of no therapeutic value (as the DEA has mendaciously maintained now for almost half a century). So oppressive is this religion that it actually forbids research into the psychoactive plants that it superstitiously deems to be evil, thereby preventing drug war critics from proving otherwise.

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