Mine by Birth

by Thomas Jefferson and the Poppies

Folks be talkin' about I cannot use the plants I see
If I use them then they'll catch me when they test my pee
I say I can't speak for you but I was born on earth
And the s*** that grows around me that is mine by birth

It's like the godhead told is in the Bible, Gus
All the flora and the fauna they be made for us
And in fact when God created them he said, I quote
"It is good, my homie brothers," and that's all she wrote

So put your drug sharia where the ice don't thaw
It's a blatant contravention of the natural law
There are certain things the feds can never rightly steal
That includes the godsend plants that help the way I feel

End the War on Drugs
Mine by Birth
Waxing Wroth (about America's Drug War)

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