Waxing Wroth (about America's Drug War)

by God and His Minions

Give it up for the king when it comes to divinity.
Don't make me speak twice, he's the holy trinity.
Though his substance is treble, he speaks like a bass.
Talkin' 'bout, "Not by works, dawg, but only by grace."

From Cadiz to Leon, he be rockin' a halo.
He's got more likers on Facebook than Jean-Paul or J. Lo.
He'll give his inheritance just to the meek.
All hail the Almighty of whom I now speak.

Yo, this is God, the great I is,
Tellin' y'all you better stop it with this drug war biz,
I made those plants for everyone, it ain't no sin,
I'm the Godhead, for Christ's sake, not some drug kingpin.

Therefore keep watch for you do not know the day on which your Lord will come and smack you upside your bony head for treating me like a drug kingpin and criminalizing all my beautiful and highly therapeutic plants. I mean, what's up with that, G.? Don't make me come down there, yo.

Yo, in case you didn't notice, God is really pissed,
By the DEA gorilla that is in our midst.
Telling us we can't use nature's plants to change our mood.
What a load of anti-biblical ingratitude.

In the Book of Genesis, we clearly see,
That the flora and the fauna are for you and me.
Not for scheming politicians to demonize and slander,
With mendacious Christian Scientist propaganda.

So they lie and say God's plants will make your brain pan sizzle,
To tell the truth politely, that's a bunch of shizzle,
Freud used lots of coke to keep alert,
And his brain was never sizzled or the least bit hurt.

Benjamin Franklin made much use of the poppy,
And no one considered his thought processes sloppy,
To the contrary, he was a mental dynamo,
That's why drug warriors always censor his bio.

When Francis Crick wanted to think outside the box,
He used psychedelics to break his mental blocks.
That's how he discovered DNA
And without any neurological decay.

Therefore keep watch for you do not know the day on which the Lord will come down there and smack you upside your bony heads.

Will I come today?

How about tomorrow?

You'll never know, will you?

Well, that's my point: you'll just have to wait and see, won't you?

I guess somebody better learn to start respecting my plants, and stop running interference between those plants and the folks that I made them for.

EMCEE: Um, God.

GOD: This is God speaking and I am waxing wroth, so much so that I'm almost out of wax. You know what I'm saying?

EMCEE: Um, God, I think we'd better wrap up this song now.

GOD: It's just plain ingratitude if you ask me. I make you all those fantastic therapeutic plants and you have the audacity to make them illegal as if God himself were a drug kingpin.

EMCEE: Um, God.

GOD: And your DEA is knowingly lying, brazen-faced, about the therapeutic godsends that I have freely given you. What's up with that, exactly?

EMCEE: Good point, God. Maybe we can wrap it up now.

GOD: The worst part is, your stupid drug laws keep millions of people suffering around the world because no one's even allowed to study the mood medicines that I've given humanity, let alone use them to improve lives.

Hey, what happened to the background music?

EMCEE: Sorry, God, but the studio people say that we're out of time.

GOD: Oh, really? Well, tell them that I'm going to wax wroth unless they at least take us out of here with that cool drum beat.

EMCEE: You heard the man, people: take us to the bridge and drop us off.

GOD: That's what God is talking about now.

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Waxing Wroth (about America's Drug War)

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