October 2, 2019

Response to: 95% of Americans Favor Legalizing Drugs

Reddit post on Libertarian page: 95% of American Favor Legalizing Drugs

The focus should be on legalizing the plants and fungi that grow at our very feet. We call ourselves a free and scientific country, but neither boast makes sense as long as we're criminalizing Mother Nature. We wring our hands about the past, when researchers had to worry about Church oversight. But scientists today are under DEA oversight whenever they attempt to so much as research natural plant cures that can reverse depression and alcoholism.

Today's drug situation sounds like a sci-fi book by Ray Bradbury, like Fahrenheit 451, in which a tyrannical government of the future burns books in order to control what we think. Today's situation is even more despotic, for our government burns plants in order to dictate how -- and how much -- we can think.

Just as the DEA stomped onto Monticello in jackboots in 1987 to confiscate Thomas Jefferson's poppy plants.

The government will tell us that they're trying to protect us by making psychedelics illegal. This is a flat-out lie -- given the fact that America is more addicted than ever today to LEGAL DRUGS -- and that this addiction is caused by SSRI anti-depressants. The anti-depressant Effexor, for instance, has been found to have a 95% recidivism rate for those who try to get off it.

1/6 to 1/10th of the American public addicted to SSRIS -- and yet we're told that non-addictive psychedelic plants that grow at our very feet cannot even be STUDIED?

The government has no problem with screwing up America's health, as is seen in the fact that it is in denial about the statistics of anti-depressant addiction. They just want to make sure that the government, the shrinks, and Big Pharma get their cut when it comes to the drugs that we use.

We don't need to legalize everything -- we need to RE-legalize plants -- for every reason imaginable: to stop the DEA's abuse of power, to return property rights to property owners, to allow Earthlings their natural birthright to the healing plants of Mother Nature that grow all around them.

Liberals are as bad as conservatives in blocking this outcome. They fret that legalization will cause more problems. But I contend that no government has the ethical right to outlaw natural plants in the first place.

So we have no need to prove how re-legalization of plants can be accomplished without problems. If the freedom of the press were outlawed 50 years ago, those who advocated that freedom today would be under no obligation to say how that freedom can be re-instituted without trouble. That freedom simply needs to be returned to the people -- and if the change itself causes problems, they are to be blamed on those who took away America's freedom in the first place.

If we really want to start a movement to accomplish something, we need to talk about re-legalizing Mother Nature, not synthetic drugs to which our rights are far less clear -- though no doubt glaringly obvious to some dyed-in-the-wool libertarians.

My prescription: RE-legalize plants and then have the police get tough -- NOT on drug possession, but on bad behavior. By all means, let's have severe punishment for bad behavior that can be tied to drug MISUSE, since such misuse threatens the usage rights of the responsible majority by inflaming opinion. Crack down on misbehavior, not on plants.

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