February 4, 2020

There is no such thing as DRUGS

there are just substances that, like anything else, can be used and misused

American's idiotic and criminal drug policy: hands off rain forest godsends, hands on addictive pharmaceutical There is no such thing as "drugs," the way that the modern drug warrior defines that term. There are simply substances that can be used or misused. To think otherwise is to be superstitious. To think otherwise is to scapegoat substances and thus ignore true social problems that would otherwise cry out for solutions. To think otherwise is to create a make-work program for modern psychiatry, prison guards, sheriffs, the DEA, and Big Pharma.

Yet America is all about keeping Americans and the world from accessing the plants that grow at their very feet under the fiction that politically demonized substances are evil incarnate. This is a power grab that elevates common law over natural law, destroying the human being's right to Mother Nature, which is about as basic a natural law as possible. Not happy thus merely to deprive Americans of godsend medications, drug war colonialism spreads the war on Mother Nature planet wide, ensuring eternal suffering of the mentally ill and their continued dependency on Big Pharma's addictive meds, all so that imperial America can intervene at will in the countries of its choice, under the pretext of enforcing the American Empire's drug laws.

Run by a corrupt Justice Department run by a corrupt president who has claimed he is above the law.

Of course, I would never personally say "down with President Trump," for fear of being investigated by the Secret Service as a terrorist. However, under the unjust circumstances, we can definitely IMAGINE someone ELSE saying:

"Down with presidents who envy foreign dictators their power to kill drug suspects-- i.e. citizens suspected of using mother nature's plants for emotional healing!"

In fact, I think I can hear folks shouting that even as I type! Ooh, they are pretty brave. Mind you, I would never personally say...

"Down with President Trump, lover of despots!"

...but I can definitely imagine good reasons why someone else might say that!

Heck, such people might even shout:

"Down with presidents who hold themselves above the law while simultaneously incarcerating tens of thousands of minorities merely for the possession of naturally occurring substances -- all in the name of fighting the modern boogeyman called 'drugs'!"

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