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Ten Reasons why the Drug War is Nonsense

by Ballard Quass

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  1. It prevents Americans from accessing the plants that grow at their very feet, in clear violation of the Natural Law upon which America was founded.

  2. It makes "drugs" a red herring for all social problems, thereby ignoring the real social problems (including substandard education and the drug war itself) that give rise to counterproductive substance use in the first place.

  3. It ignores the obvious lesson that prohibition leads to violence, and thus the Drug War leads to the daily death of grade-schoolers in inner cities and the constant fomenting and re-fomenting of civil wars abroad.

  4. It turns Americans into arch-colonialists who hypocritically go overseas to burn plants that have been used responsibly for millennia by other cultures, all in the name of preventing addiction in the States (by which reasoning, the Islamic world should be free to come stateside and burn our grape vines).

  5. It leaves the depressed and anxious with nothing but highly addictive Big Pharma meds to treat their condition, when hundreds of far less addictive remedies (many not addictive at all) could be harnessed from plant medicines that the Drug War has criminalized.

  6. It turns these sufferers into eternal patients (the exact opposite of empowerment) by requiring them to visit an expensive psychiatrist in person every three months of their life in order to receive yet another expensive prescription, since the DEA has such an absurd fixation on "controlling" this thing called "drugs" that they don't even trust a patient of 40-years standing to use them wisely. (If the DEA has its way, the psychiatric patient will be the last person in the world to be able to telecommute.)

  7. It militarizes police forces and encourages police to consider suspects as "scumbags," especially those who dare to sell natural substances that our politicians have been at such pains to demonize.

  8. It willfully ignores all inconvenient historical truths, like the fact that the Vedic religion was founded to worship a psychoactive plant and that psychedelics featured prominently in the Eleusinian mysteries, which lasted 2,000 years until it was tellingly banned by Christian Emperor Theodosius II as a threat to Christianity.

  9. It willfully ignores the historical fact that "drugs" have been used responsibly by such western luminaries as Sigmund Freud, Ben Franklin, Aaron Burr, Marcus Aurelius, Francis Crick, Meriwether Lewis, Samuel Johnson, Frederic Chopin, Plato, Plutarch, Cicero, Aristotle... and even Thomas Jefferson, who surely flipped in his grave when the jackbooted DEA stomped onto Monticello in 1987 and confiscated his poppy plants.

  10. It seeks to make the world forget these inconvenient truths by cranking out TV shows, books, and movies in which "drugs" are always used by scumbags, and so we see a badly dressed lowlife snorting cocaine in a dimly lit backroom, instead of seeing the debonair Sigmund Freud, proudly and confidently using cocaine to increase his endurance and ensure the prolific output whereby he achieved self-actualization in life.

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There was no drug problem in Ancient Egypt. There was no drug problem in Ancient Greece. There was no drug problem in Ancient Persia. There was no drug problem in Ancient Rome. There was no drug problem in the Mongol Kingdom. There was no drug problem in the Viking Era.

Why? Because until 1914, people were judged by how they behaved, not by what substances they had in their digestive system.

The Drug War is America's unique, anti-scientific way of looking at the world. It is a war that causes all of the problems that it purports to fix: above all, it brings "drugs" front and center in the minds of the irresponsible, encouraging them to explore and use substances that they might have never even heard of without the peurile and anti-scientific plant demonization of drug war zealots.

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