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What You Can Do

by Ballard Quass

To End America's Christian Science War on Plant Medicine

drug warriors in the wild west - ahead of their time

See what I did there? I titled this article without even using the word "drugs," since that word itself is a Drug Warrior creation, at least in the hypocritically selective way that it is used in 21st-century America. (See "The Word 'Drugs' is a Political Term" for more on this seldom-mentioned outrage.)

But if you want to fight the REAL drug problem... (the fact that America has made a superstitious scapegoat out of this thing that they call "drugs," thereby creating a whole new movie genre worth of unnecessary violence both at home and abroad)... then here are some ideas about how you can fight back.

  1. E-mail the Monticello Foundation to protest how they betrayed Thomas Jefferson's natural-law legacy when they let the DEA confiscate the garden-loving Jefferson's poppy plants. (See "How the Monticello Foundation betrayed Jefferson's Legacy in 1987.")

  2. Submit a letter of protest with the next unconstitutional urine test that you're forced to take in order to feed your family. (See "Protest Drug Testing Now.")

  3. Post a movie review that slams those fascist Drug War films in which torture-loving DEA agents are portrayed as the GOOD guys! (See "Running with the DEA... er, I mean the Devil")

  4. Contact the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and ask them to publicly fight back against the Drug War habit of dehumanizing Americans, merely because they have the nerve to deal in plant medicines of which racist politicians disapprove. (See "Why the Holocaust Museum Must Denounce the Drug War.")

  5. Support organizations like MAPS (the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) and the Drug Policy Alliance.

Stay tuned to this page for more ideas about how you can fight back against America's state religion of Christian Science, aka the Drug War, coming up in 2021.

Finally, check back here in January 2021 in order to purchase my Drug War Comic Book, which satirically skewers the Drug War from every imaginable angle - plus several unimaginable angles as well, judging by the fact that I seem to be the first to have noticed some of the nonsense that my political cartoons point out.

No, this is not just some shameless plug on my part in order to sell books: this is a calculated scheme to place my philosophical broadsides (now in convenient cartoon format!) on coffee tables around the world, so the next time that you're entertaining guests and they start spouting Drug War lies (like the "fact" that substances fry the brain the minute that they are outlawed by racist politicians...) you can simply draw attention to those cartoons of mine that rebut the propaganda in question.

Tired of dull coffee klatches? Set my Drug War Comic Book out on the coffee table and let the feathers fly. If your guests leave in a huff, so what? At least you will now realize that they are part of the problem. But if they're half as intelligent as you think that they are, you should be able to use my book to deprogram them methodically, disabusing them of one drug-war piety after another, until they voluntarily renounce their membership in America's Cult of the Drug War.

What is this comic book of which I speak? Well, I'm glad you asked. Below is a sneak preview of the upcoming full-color tome that will finally hold Drug Warriors up to the philosophical ridicule that they so richly deserve.

What can you do to end Christian Science Sharia and the demonization of mother nature's psychoactive plant medicines? Write letters, like to the Holocaust Museum in Washington (see article below), reminding them how drug war society dehumanizes suspects, to the point where American movies now make the DEA agents heroes when they torture and murder suspects -- all because they use plant medicines of which politicians disapprove. Write to Monticello (see article below) to protest the way that they sold out Thomas Jefferson by allowing the DEA to confiscate the former president's poppy plants, in violation of the natural law upon which Jefferson founded this country. Protest drug testing (see article below)... which is perhaps the ultimate Christian Science enforcement practice, invading one's privacy merely to make sure that we are not using meds of which politicians disapprove.

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